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as [ profile] jandeth  requested me to do some translations of KinKi from chinese forums, I've decided to translate this very cute MC from Fukuoka Con yesterday.. =P

Seems like KinKi is having a cold war between each other or something few days back.. I don't know what's the reason.. Have to wait for more reports.. =P But well, they are fine now already so don't worry too much.. XD

MC 2 (Before the birthday party for Yonehara)

They were talking about what they did last night
(before that when there's only two of them on stage, koichi said he slept this morning at 7am, he had nothing to do, and thus was having imaginations during the night. tsuyoshi said he was playing guitar in his room and watched a bit of TV) (me: what kind of imaginations??? XD)

Machida: It's been so long since I stayed in a TWIN Room with Yonehara

Koichi: (Super big reaction) heh?! Really? yeeeeeaaaahhhhh, then what did you all do? *evil face*

Yonehara: Nothing much, just playing game console, watching TV, and I slept after I had a bath

Koichi: I had experiences staying in TWIN room with him (tsuyoshi) as well..

Machida: (asking koichi) Then, what did you all do?
(Koichi looked at Machida, daydream for 2 seconds, keeping a smile on his face, with his mouth opened but nothing coming out but he's looking at Machida with a warning signal "How can you ask me this type of question" (LOLLLLLLLL)

Koichi: I can't say them!!!!!

Audiences (being very unhappy): heh~~~~~~~

Koichi: we did a lot of things, but I really can't say it out (me: SO OMG WHAT'S THE THING YOU GUYS DID??)

*Yonehara and Machida was laughing

Tsuyoshi: (after thinking for a while) (using his right finger to point at Koichi who is opposite him, looking at Yonehara saying in a serious tone) He always don't let me sleep!!

(The KKL Audiences went into a series of screams.. LOL)

(Note: That line in Japanese has a meaning of "He did something which made me can't sleep") (me: OMGGGGGG)

Yonehara and Machida laughing again LOL~

Tsuyoshi: When I wanna sleep, he doesn't let me to..

Koichi: (to audiences) You people must be imagining things again right? (LOL) (me: OMG koichi you seriously understand us well.. are you one of our species too? XD)

At first no one dared to scream

After 2 seconds there's a girl who screamed "Yes!!" but it was ignored by both of them

After another 2 seconds a guy shouted "Yes!! (I was imagining!!) (the audiences who heard it had a great laugh.. LOL)

Credits: momo bbs

OMG seriously, what's the thing they, I mean koichi really did?? LOL~

*goes into imagination*


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