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Happy Birthday, Ryosuke!

I know you won't be reading this, but I'll just post it haha~

Hopefully I will be able to attend HSJ's concert this year!!!

And also our favourite KinKi Kids 20th Anniversary concert!!!
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It's 10 April again, so happy birthday to Tsuyoshi!!!

This year is KinKi's 20th Anniversary, so I really really hope I will be able to attend their concerts this year.

Although the tickets getting even harder to be purchased by foreigners, and with all the strict measures of going against people who resell their tickets at high prices...

But I still hope that I can go!!! Together with Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th Anniversary concert as well.

Prays hard!!!

P.S: Been so long since I've posted a blog entry, and it's also the first post over here at DW, since most of LJ users are migrating here due to LJ's new user agreement issue.
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Can't believe I'm doing this!!! HAHA~

I guess reading Grasshopper novel gave me a lot of inspirations to write a fanfiction, and thus I'm here to present my first ever fanfiction!

Do take a read and leave some comments for me! =D

The Sun and the Moon
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Happy Birthday to Koichi!!!

Always the first to turn old! HAHA~~

37th Years Old already, hope I can always attend KinKi concerts if I have the chance to.

I tell myself I must go for their 20th Anniversary concerts!!!

If possible I can go this year too XDDD

Hopefully KinKi will have more group activities this year!!

Tanjoubi Omedetou Kochan!!!
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Time flies!! It's this day again!!

Happy 17th Debut Anniversary to KinKi Kids!!

I am seriously planning to attend their concert this year so YAY!

Hopefully they will hold the year end concerts too!! =D
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Yes It's KinKi Kids 16th Anniversary!! <3<3<3

I always make sure I post an entry for them on this very day HAHA~

Hopefully this year I can attend their concert, for real. =D

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It's the day of the year again!!

Yes, Happy 15th Anniversary to KinKi Kids!!!

Aww thinking back, this year they did not do anything special to celebrate this great day.. =(

I'm still waiting for my chance to attend their concert in person!!! HAHA~
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Happy 33rd Birthday to Tsuyo chan!!!

Aww so fast!! It's a year again!!!

I hope I can go KinKi concerts realllllllly soon!!! XD
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It's here again!!

Woots!! Can't wait for the DVDs to arrive again too!! XDD

I hope they release a Taiwan version of their latest DVD in Blu-ray!! XDD

Happy 14th Debut Anniversary again!! XD
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Tsuyochan! Happy 32nd Birthday!!! XDD

I've seen Koichi this year and I hope I can see you this year too!!!

Let's look forward to meeting each other!! XD

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OMG this is so fast!!! It's July again. T__T

I started Japanese class in July last year. =P

And now it's KinKi's 13th Debut Anniversary!! XDD


I can't wait for the DVDs!! Though I think there won't be any singles coming up this year. T__T

I would still hope for one day KinKi would produce a album solely written by them!! ♪

I look forward to your music, KinKi!!! ♫

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(Link to Post #1)

(Link to Post #2)

*** Updates: Added 19980617, 19980701 episodes link as well as 19981209 episode which I missed out.

Hi all, this is the last part of the uploads I have of 8 時だJ with me.

I know there are missing episodes but I tried searching for them before online too but can't find it. =(

Anyway, there's MF and MU links mixing around so anyone willing to provide mirrors are ♥. =)

Almost All YES ALL of the MF mirrors have been updated in Post #2 so check it out! =)

Oh and yesterday I managed to buy 17 episodes of USO Japan VCD from a second hand shop over here so I'm thinking to rip them and upload, anyone wants? XD

I'm not sure if there's a good quality floating around anywhere so I might just rip and upload those VCDs that I have. =)

Do let me know~ =)


Here we Go! )


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5 May 1991~ XD

5 May 2010

Next year will be the year they met each other for 20 years. XD

SOO COOL~~~~~~~~~~

Almost forgot about this day until this morning. XDD

Omedetou KinKi~~ XD ♥
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(Link to Post #1)

(Link to Post #3 Last)

Hello! I'm here with the second post of the raws. But I'm seriously in trouble, I need MF MIRRORS!!

I totally can't upload to MF!! T__T It's like not even a single file uploaded at night and even when I tried in the noon it doesn't work. T__T

Really sorry for those who cannot use MU! So please please, anyone who's able to do it, help to upload to MF for the rest of the fans!

Onegaishimasu. m(_ _)m


Get flooded with Chibis!!! )

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(Link to Post #2)

(Link to Post #3 Last)

Hello!! I have a almost complete list of a very old show 8 時だJ that features Chibi Arashi as well as chibis from other groups/juniors and am planning to release them since very long ago but only got to do it now. =X

These are those that I have uploaded and my friend [ profile] smackdelugexz  will pass me the links that she have uploaded as well. I'll continue to upload the rest but how fast it'll be.. We have to depend on MF. >.<ll

There's no screencaps nor description because I'm too lazy busy to do them. Anyone downloaded and is willing to help me with them feel free to PM me or comment below. =)

Feel free to help me repost to other communities like NewS's, Kattun's, Kis My Ft 2's because some of them are inside. Please link back here rather than pasting the links over. =)

Last question, do you all prefer me to just update this post whenever I have new releases or make a new entry everyime I upload new episodes?



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )



Full Episode: (Credits: [ profile] font )

Credits: Baidu & [ profile] smackdelugexz & me XD

No specific rules because we want to share the love! ♥
And I believe the fandom knows well enough stuffs that are not to be done. =)

Random: Aww I'll love to sub some parts once I squeeze out time to learn how to sub. =X

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Woah so fast!!!!!! It's 2010 already. =P

I'll blog about more stuffs later on since it's so late now. XD

Once again~

Happy 31st Birthday Koichi kun!!!!!!!!

And I died watching Johnnys Countdown. Especially at the part where Arashi did K8's song, LIKE OMFG FILLED WITH CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!

*dead at Sho's dorky face and his "Yappa Suki Ya nen". XDDDDDDDD

At the end there was some really funny parts, after Ohno thanked Tokio he just anyhow pass back to Sakurai .. chan and Sho's like "WHAT WHAT??" LOL~~~~~~~ SO cuteeeeeeee~ XD

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Aww I just want to post for a simple reason, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS


*so dead*

Can't wait for my KinKiYou DVD to arrive. And Yatterman DVD released! =D I hope there's a taiwan version so I can order. LOL~

And I promise to come up with a proper entry.. Soon..... LOL~
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I got some of the cutouts from KinKiyou Con fancam (I think this is the same fancam as what [ profile] yinghung had posted, just that this is just clips of it)

While waiting to download the full fancam, let's enjoy these first~! XDD

yay finally KinKi stuffs!! XD )
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Donnamonya 090316

I know it's little but I'm still trying to get more KinKi stuffs so that I can upload~ XD




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