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It's 10 April again, so happy birthday to Tsuyoshi!!!

This year is KinKi's 20th Anniversary, so I really really hope I will be able to attend their concerts this year.

Although the tickets getting even harder to be purchased by foreigners, and with all the strict measures of going against people who resell their tickets at high prices...

But I still hope that I can go!!! Together with Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th Anniversary concert as well.

Prays hard!!!

P.S: Been so long since I've posted a blog entry, and it's also the first post over here at DW, since most of LJ users are migrating here due to LJ's new user agreement issue.
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OMG It's the time of the year again!!!

Happy 37th Birthday to Tsuyo!!!!!

I want to attend KinKi/Tsuyo concerts again!!!

Hope it will come true soon!!!
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Can't believe I'm doing this!!! HAHA~

I guess reading Grasshopper novel gave me a lot of inspirations to write a fanfiction, and thus I'm here to present my first ever fanfiction!

Do take a read and leave some comments for me! =D

The Sun and the Moon
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Before the end of 10 April, I would like to wish Tsuyoshi a very happy 36th birthday!!!

I am really glad I was able to attend KinKi's concert last year and hear your voices live!!!

This might be a short entry but I will blog about my Japan trip soon!!!

Love you forever, Tsuyoshi!
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Happy 35th Birthday Tsuyoshi!! <3<3<3
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Aww its been long since I posted but I shall post again for Tsuyoshi!!! Happy 34th Birthday!!! =DDDD (and LJ posting has changed so much that I don't know how to use. =.= I pressed enter but it doesn't go to the next line... and I can't change my font color etc)
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Happy 33rd Birthday to Tsuyo chan!!!

Aww so fast!! It's a year again!!!

I hope I can go KinKi concerts realllllllly soon!!! XD
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Tsuyochan! Happy 32nd Birthday!!! XDD

I've seen Koichi this year and I hope I can see you this year too!!!

Let's look forward to meeting each other!! XD

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It's 10 April now in Japan and it's the Birthday of my DEAREST HUBBY!!!

Tsuyo chan!!

O-tanjoubi Omedetou!!!

You are 30 Years old already!!

I bet you have been looking forward to this day.. HAHA~

Hope you enjoy your concert + birthday celebration tomorrow!!! XD *envies those who will be going*

But you do know I love you a lot~ LOL~

Hope one day I can meet you in person and TALK TO YOU! XDDDD

I love you!!



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