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Ok let me start with the posting of my new cover first. It's Arashi's Boku ga Boku no Subete! <3 Thanks to this song, I was able to get enough strength and confidence to pass my driving test. I hope they perform this song in this year's AraFes!!

Next, today was Nazodi premiere in Japan and they released a couple of news, and one which is INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE WILL BE HELD IN SINGAPORE!!! AWWW~~~

I know it's impossible to enter the press conference but I hope they will hold a red carpet like when Fujiwara Tatsuya came in 2011 so that us fans could go and meet Sho!!! AHHH!!! Next Saturday! Anyone wanna join?? How about you? [ profile] barbosa2007
wanna go camp at MBS that day??
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Anyone knows where I can find transparent cellophane paper for 3D glasses as I need it to watch Arashi's Odoroki SP airing on 1st November. LOL~ I've been finding SO HARD. It's either I find cellophane paper but not transparent, or I find non-cellophane transparent coloured paper. =( Anyone knows how to make them? Or where to even buy them? The best is buy the 3D glasses itself if not I'll have to find those cellophane paper and make my own. =( SO sad I only have like 1 week left to find. T__T HELP!!!
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yeah I finally gotten my hands on the Hey! Say! Single!! Both editions!! Though they were not brand new ones but heck, it's already out of stock everywhere and who ask me not to get them last year. LOL Currently now I will need..

1) UMP First Press Regular Edition and Regular Edition

To complete my HSJ's Collection!!

and I will need...

2) Tickets to KinKi Kids Concert on the 30th, 31st and 1st.. (Fluffy I wanna kidnap you and steal the tics!!)

3) Tickets to HSJ Concert in Yokohama on the 3rd, 4th and 5th.. (I didn't get the dates wrong right? XD)

Best is get 2 tics for each concert.. =D

Anyone can help please help me!! Onegai! m(_ _)m


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