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Happy Birthday, Ryosuke!

I know you won't be reading this, but I'll just post it haha~

Hopefully I will be able to attend HSJ's concert this year!!!

And also our favourite KinKi Kids 20th Anniversary concert!!!
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It's 10 April again, so happy birthday to Tsuyoshi!!!

This year is KinKi's 20th Anniversary, so I really really hope I will be able to attend their concerts this year.

Although the tickets getting even harder to be purchased by foreigners, and with all the strict measures of going against people who resell their tickets at high prices...

But I still hope that I can go!!! Together with Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th Anniversary concert as well.

Prays hard!!!

P.S: Been so long since I've posted a blog entry, and it's also the first post over here at DW, since most of LJ users are migrating here due to LJ's new user agreement issue.
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Can't believe I'm doing this!!! HAHA~

I guess reading Grasshopper novel gave me a lot of inspirations to write a fanfiction, and thus I'm here to present my first ever fanfiction!

Do take a read and leave some comments for me! =D

The Sun and the Moon
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Haha recently Ryosuke is too gorgeous to resist so I did another Hey! Say! Jump's cover of their new single Super Delicate haha~ Also theme song for Ryosuke's drama "Risou no Musuko"


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As titled. XDD Please listen to it! =D

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 Saw the clip for HSJ's new single and the first thing I thought was "What's with the dance?"

LOL Shall wait and see the actual performance before making more comments.

Yay have few dramas to catch this Winter. =D

Will blog my birthday stuffs soon. LOL~ *feels lazy thinking about uploading photos from phone and from PC to photobucket and from photobucket to LJ* LOL~

Sho, please bless me luck. =D
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HSJ Winter Con DVD will be released on 29th April!! HAHA~

another good news is!!

Ryosuke had won TV NAVI's Newcomer Award based on One Pound Gospel and Scrap Teacher!!

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We just started a new HSJ forum so there isn't much things yet. But we hope you can join us and have fun at the forum!!


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ahhhhhhh HSJ was the first to perform today!!!!!!!!!

The 4 today wore their uniform!! and the rest wore old clothes.. =.=llllllllll

can't they have better clothes LOL~~~~~~~~~

and why first to perform??? =( means no talk = no fun.. T_____________T

ahhh this time there's a lot juniors.. haha~ very seldom see HSJ's performances have juniors because they are already a big group.. LOL~

and the 3 acted in Scrap Teacher were singing with the 4 too.. yamachan fanboy was paired with chinen and daiki.. haha he must be real sad.. XD

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in case it's too long... )
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ahh stupid keyhole lags a lot.. =( and TVU doesn't even show the channels.. =.=lll

Woohoo this time round the "main characters" are the 4 in Scrap Teacher, they wore different clothes from the rest..

They wore Reddy~~ and the rest Blackie~~ XD

ahhh yamachan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ he is totally cool!!!!!!!!

as I was watching I was thinking, he has a 15 year old face, but his hair, his build, his clothing doesn't look like a 15 year old!! OMG~

he's totally Sexy God!! LOL~~~~~~~~~~

I think they performed the whole song.. XD Kya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and there were so many fans as well!!!

and they were taught the dance!!! ahh~~

seems like every HSJ's performances they will teach the fans hands actions ne~~~




ahh yamada and yuto sitting together!! XDDDD and yamachan took off his jacket revealing his white shirt and black sleeveless vest!! totally cool!! he put his jacket beside him~~ kyaaaaaa~~

*steals the jacket*
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Hey! Say! JUMP is having Hey! Hey! Hey! recording on the 6h October!! Which is monday again~ =D

And they will be on Music Station on the 17th of October!! Yeah~~

Yamada's Your Seed J-web photos~

Credits: 小愛 from Ryosuke Yamada Forum


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