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"Hai Hai Hai Hai~" It's my turn now to post something about yesterday's event. =D

Basically I would just say I have no fate with being first row to see my favourite artistes whenever they come and no matter how early I go. LOL As long as people got friends queuing up for them, they can enter the first row even though coming really late. LOL Blame that I've got no such connections but whatever, I don't need it. LOL

Anyway, I managed to see Sho walked past me during the red carpet for about 3 seconds? Thanks to the pathetically short-length red carpet and many heads and hands LOL. BUT, during that 3 seconds I've had 2 times eye contact with Sho. <3<3<3 I realise I didn't really smile and flail when he walked past, I was just calmly admiring him LOL. Guess I'm like this, I can flail to death of someone I like anytime but not when they appear in front of me HAHA.

So after the red carpet I walked really fast to go collect tickets for the world premiere <- Kiasu Singaporean style. Luckily there weren't long queues so we have had enough time to go into the theatre before the movie starts.

As for the movie, I shall not spoiler but it's really nice and funny and I love it! Definitely will find chance to watch it either in theatre again and if not through the DVD! HAHA~ Shall buy the DVD since it is a memorial piece of work done in my country.

So after the movie all the 3 casts with the director came on stage from the back of the theatre. Seriously I'm envious of people sitting at the first floor because they get to see them so close-up. But well, I'm lucky enough to get a first row seat on the second floor so I could see everything quite well too. A little pity is that Sho didn't looked at my side, he only looked at the top center audiences..

Anyway, please find the video of the whole interview here.

I'm really shocked that Sho went to learn singlish as well HAHA It was such a big surprise for me. XD And sadly I think he didn't have time to eat chicken rice before he went back Japan. =( Hope that he gets a chance to taste it soon just like what he told us before he left, "I hope to see you soon".

Sho, I hope to see you soon too.

Lastly, to [ profile] barbosa2007, Thanks so much for the dinner too! <3

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Haha recently Ryosuke is too gorgeous to resist so I did another Hey! Say! Jump's cover of their new single Super Delicate haha~ Also theme song for Ryosuke's drama "Risou no Musuko"


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As titled. XDD Please listen to it! =D

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I keep forgetting to do things!!

E.g. When I went home yesterday forgot to buy I-Weekly (This week's features about Japanese stuffs!), but got my dad to help me buy. XD
Also forgot to upload photos yesterday so I can't blog today! T__T
Aww and many more LOL!

Few weeks back I've watched Koukou Debut and fell in love with the ending song!!
The song is "Fallin' Love" by 7!! (Seven Opps)
Thus I did a cover on the song. XD
Wanted to try if my voice suits this kind of happy songs. haha!

Please listen and give me comments! I know it's not that good but just wanna post this! haha!

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I uploaded another Chibi Sho Fail video again! XD

Shan't talk much, just enjoy the video and the last 2 hours of Sho's birthday!

Hope that Sho had a great day today. =)

But I'm sure he's very happy today, except that I'm not by his side. =X

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I just uploaded this on my YT and added annotations to it. XD This is another clip from 8時だJ. Sho's really cute inside here and seriously, if there's such cute and polite policeman to meet, I'm sure criminals rate will increase like hell. LOL~ Enjoy! XD
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Do you remember Sho kept mentioning that he once succeded in doing a backflip when he was a junior?


Thanks to [ profile] smackdelugexz , I finally get to see it!!

I'm currently downloading the episodes of 8 時だJ and helping her uploading on MF for more Arashi fans as these videos are REALLY RARE to be found. So please wait for a while. =D

For the video, don't miss out Sho's MAX! LOL~ His famous quote, "MAXIMUM XXX" actually origins from here! OMG!

And his dorkiness has been showing since he's a junior, look at his face when he succeded the backflip. LOL~

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OMG I so feel like crying right now. I love fanvids that has death in it. XD

Any recommandations? XD


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