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"Hai Hai Hai Hai~" It's my turn now to post something about yesterday's event. =D

Basically I would just say I have no fate with being first row to see my favourite artistes whenever they come and no matter how early I go. LOL As long as people got friends queuing up for them, they can enter the first row even though coming really late. LOL Blame that I've got no such connections but whatever, I don't need it. LOL

Anyway, I managed to see Sho walked past me during the red carpet for about 3 seconds? Thanks to the pathetically short-length red carpet and many heads and hands LOL. BUT, during that 3 seconds I've had 2 times eye contact with Sho. <3<3<3 I realise I didn't really smile and flail when he walked past, I was just calmly admiring him LOL. Guess I'm like this, I can flail to death of someone I like anytime but not when they appear in front of me HAHA.

So after the red carpet I walked really fast to go collect tickets for the world premiere <- Kiasu Singaporean style. Luckily there weren't long queues so we have had enough time to go into the theatre before the movie starts.

As for the movie, I shall not spoiler but it's really nice and funny and I love it! Definitely will find chance to watch it either in theatre again and if not through the DVD! HAHA~ Shall buy the DVD since it is a memorial piece of work done in my country.

So after the movie all the 3 casts with the director came on stage from the back of the theatre. Seriously I'm envious of people sitting at the first floor because they get to see them so close-up. But well, I'm lucky enough to get a first row seat on the second floor so I could see everything quite well too. A little pity is that Sho didn't looked at my side, he only looked at the top center audiences..

Anyway, please find the video of the whole interview here.

I'm really shocked that Sho went to learn singlish as well HAHA It was such a big surprise for me. XD And sadly I think he didn't have time to eat chicken rice before he went back Japan. =( Hope that he gets a chance to taste it soon just like what he told us before he left, "I hope to see you soon".

Sho, I hope to see you soon too.

Lastly, to [ profile] barbosa2007, Thanks so much for the dinner too! <3

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Ok let me start with the posting of my new cover first. It's Arashi's Boku ga Boku no Subete! <3 Thanks to this song, I was able to get enough strength and confidence to pass my driving test. I hope they perform this song in this year's AraFes!!

Next, today was Nazodi premiere in Japan and they released a couple of news, and one which is INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE WILL BE HELD IN SINGAPORE!!! AWWW~~~

I know it's impossible to enter the press conference but I hope they will hold a red carpet like when Fujiwara Tatsuya came in 2011 so that us fans could go and meet Sho!!! AHHH!!! Next Saturday! Anyone wanna join?? How about you? [ profile] barbosa2007
wanna go camp at MBS that day??
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Hello everyone!!

Its been so long since I last blogged, because my com was down since 2 months ago but finally!! I bought my new laptop! YAY~~~ *applause*

These few days I dreamt of Arashi, but most of them were more towards Jun-centered, I wonder why haha~

Aww but I can't remember most of the dreams!! SADS

Anyway, shall start blogging my long over-dued posts of my Japan trip earlier this year soon since I transferred my stuffs from my old com here. =D

Stay tuned! (Wonder how many of my friends would read this though haha)
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yes my new userpic. XD couldn't resist making a gif out of Troublemaker PV!! XDD

Sho is such a ♥

and Nino bullies Ohno again. LOL~~~
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Spent such a long time doing my new header. LOL~

Though I changed back to normal layout because I don't know how to custom-make, I love my new header!!

I already decided to do this the moment I saw the scan~ XD

Aww but there isn't a suitable color of LJ theme for this header so I chose a closest one. LOL~

Yay! ♥

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Few minutes to 14 Feb!

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!!!! =)

Sho, take care of yourself~ =)

I'll spend my Valentine's Day with you somehow. ;)
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Haha I think I did this meme before but since I was tagged twice again, I shall do it once more since the answers would DEFINITELY be different. XD

I was tagged by [ profile] ilove_ryo  and [ profile] shinyasama .  XD

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. I was married to Sho Sakurai on 30th December 2009, my 21st Birthday. ♥

2. I am well-known as Sakurai Rina in my school "Ikoma Language School" now. ♥

3. In Japanese lessons, my answers for the questions would in a way, ANY WAY, be consisting of Sho Sakurai or things that are related to him. ♥

4. I had a dream of dating Sho, where he said he wanted to eat Milk Pudding, and in real life, I really did went to eat that on his 28th Birthday, which was the past Monday. ♥

5. I bought 2 copies of NAKED SHO ON ANAN, I even brought it to school twice, to show my friend who likes Sho too. Oh and on top of that, I showed it to the females in my school. LOL~ ♥

6. I just bought a Yellow Bento Box, I didn't love yellow, but it had Sakura on it, whereas for the other 2 colors it had other designs, so I bought it simply because it had Sakura. =P ♥

7. Everyone around me should know that I am a Sho fanatic BY NOW. =) ♥

Am tagging:
[ profile] felixkeep 
[ profile] captxfizz 
[ profile] deemarionette 
[ profile] sakuratikah 
[ profile] smackdelugexz 
[ profile] singyeex 
[ profile] kazelyn 

LOL I hope no one was bored with my usual answers. LOL~

Yes, I shall show the pictures of the milk pudding, together with my bento box and the oishii Japanese dishes I cooked today. XD
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これから、私も翔ちゃんをずっと応援してる、いくらFAILしても(笑)、大好きだよ~ ♥
どうぞ、よろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

Woots! First time writing such a long paragraph in Japanese, though I know there will be a lot mistakes. XD
But yeah basically I'm talking about how I knew about Arashi so long ago but didn't get into them till last year. =(
Anyway, there's no time to be stucked in the past!! XD 
I caught up with Arashi last year through marathon-ing of their past bangumis, shows, dramas, movies, everything!
As well as repeating their songs on my mp3 daily, everything that I can do to catch up with the time I lost. =)
Well, now I'm well known as Sakurai san in my school, the receptionist as well as the teachers there. LOL~
I'll become one, one day. =D
I'll master Japanese this year and go Japan to meet my husband. XD

Oh yeah tomorrow Sho will be on News Zero, I wonder if they will mention about his birthday. XD
I hope they do. =D
And Sho will enjoy his birthday with either Arashi, his family, or his friends.
I'm sure he'll get a lot of wishing from all over!
Since he's like so friendly, I'm sure he has like 90385927389 friends. LOL~

Feel like buying a cake tomorrow and wish for Sho and eat for him. XD

Enjoy your day! Sho~


the first

Jan. 24th, 2010 12:11 am
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OMGGG~~~~~~ And for the first time he didn't hestitate when he jump off from the top!!!!!!! OMG~~~~~~

And the way he flew was soooooo KAKOIIII~~~~~~ *faints*


I love him, I think he'll be able to protect me with those muscles. LOL~

That's just the size that I wish for, not too big and not too small. =)

Muscles, I meant. ♥

The first time he didn't fail on cliff climb. =D ♥

LOL he got proud of himself RIGHT AFTER THAT. SO CUTE!!!!! ♥♥♥

and YAY for Arashi!!!!!!! ♥

outside note: the moodtheme suits exactly what Sho and me are feeling. LOL~~
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SHO'S NAKED ON ANAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOSH it's coming out on 20th Jan, anyone knows when Kino will bring in the stocks? Damn now I wanna go down tomorrow and check the shipping dates, I wonder if can reserve? OMGOODNESS I hope it doesn't get sold out as fast. ARGGH I wanna buy and drool at Sho's butt sexy body!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woah so fast!!!!!! It's 2010 already. =P

I'll blog about more stuffs later on since it's so late now. XD

Once again~

Happy 31st Birthday Koichi kun!!!!!!!!

And I died watching Johnnys Countdown. Especially at the part where Arashi did K8's song, LIKE OMFG FILLED WITH CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!

*dead at Sho's dorky face and his "Yappa Suki Ya nen". XDDDDDDDD

At the end there was some really funny parts, after Ohno thanked Tokio he just anyhow pass back to Sakurai .. chan and Sho's like "WHAT WHAT??" LOL~~~~~~~ SO cuteeeeeeee~ XD

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LOL after so long I finally blogged!! LOL~~~

But why?!?!


I've just finished watching Arashi's Best Artists Performance, OMGGGGGGGGGG SO NICE~ They started with Believe, in the studio, and the members left Sho, who was the MC for the event, haha Sho had to talked like 4 hours, so hard on him, and he left the studio for the main stage over at another place for Arashi's Medley which ended the event. HAHA~

BUT, that wasn't what I wanted to blog about, LOL~ because I saw something cute so wanted to point out for anyone who missed that out. XD

Apparently Sho's shirt is too short? LOL~ He tucked in for Truth performance, but he was dancing really energetic-ly, so apparently it came out of the pants. LOL~ I meant the SHIRT, not anything else. LOL! Then right, after Truth Performance as he turned back and walked, his hands was trying to tuck in his shirt, BUT, LOL I think he didn't had enough time, so he only managed to tucked in half of it, LOL you get what I mean? LOL~ Like when I saw the performance halfway, I wondered why his shirt was tucked out, initially I thought it was part of the design, LOL but then Sho GAVE UP, LOL at the end of the performance, his whole shirt was outside, LOL~ It's SHOOOOOO CUTEEEEE~~ XD

and Sho's hair getting too long. =( I want him to cut his fringe because I love hair with cute fringe that cover the whole forehead. LOL Fetish for fringe? XD

I can't wait for Saigo no Yakusoku with Arashi's new song!!! Sora Takaku. XD YAY I hope there's Sakurap. XD I think I gonna buy that single, XD Because it might be a double A side single, don't forget there's Sho's new drama! XDD I believe it will also be Arashi's song, seeing that they are the main sales seller in Japan right now. XD

Sho's really busy right now, I meant, he had been busy this year and next year too! LOL~ With Yatterman, The Quiz Show II, being MC in Arashi's shows, News Zero, MC for Best Artist, a new SP Drama in Jan, a SP drama with Arashi, and Tokujo Kabachi serial drama, and all the stuffs with Arashi like concerts, single etc. It's really impossible not to know Arashi and Sho Sakurai in Japan right now. LOL~ I'm so proud of him, he's really like so busy hope he take cares of himself, and he meets his friends during his free time, like OMG when does he really rest? LOL~

Even though Sho's an Aquaries, he posesses a Capricorn personality: Being down to earth, a workaholic.

After all his birthday is not too far away from a Capricorn so I think the personality brought over to him. LOL~

But he love his job, he's doing out of love and not because he had to do them. =)

I will meet you soon, Sho, wait for me. =)

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Do you remember Sho kept mentioning that he once succeded in doing a backflip when he was a junior?


Thanks to [ profile] smackdelugexz , I finally get to see it!!

I'm currently downloading the episodes of 8 時だJ and helping her uploading on MF for more Arashi fans as these videos are REALLY RARE to be found. So please wait for a while. =D

For the video, don't miss out Sho's MAX! LOL~ His famous quote, "MAXIMUM XXX" actually origins from here! OMG!

And his dorkiness has been showing since he's a junior, look at his face when he succeded the backflip. LOL~

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Tokimeki Memorial ~ Girls Side 3rd Story

Sakurai Ruka
Birthday:July 1st
Sign:Cancer Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 178/64kg

A dangerous "imperfect" prince!?
Popular with the girls, but also has a rough (Yancha?)side to him which ends up causing trouble if he goes too far. He never picks the fights however... You never know what hes thinking or what he will do so you cant take your eyes off of him! He may act tough and fine but sometimes he shows a side of him that is lonely...
Living away from his family, it is unknown know why he left or where he even lives. It seems he works at the flower shop so he can tolerate hard work. His favorite food is pancakes!?

Fujiyama Arashi
Birthday:Sept 8th
Sign:Virgo Blood: AB
Height/Weight: 177/70kg

A type that you dont see now a days, a Japanese manly man. (dunno how to translate this well XD) He loves Judo and if he has time will practice all day. As such, he is very skilled. He's a sporty guy but he is rather open and you feel uplifted just by talking to him. Thought-full and straight forward but not very keen on being too serious/formal. Likes clothes that he can freely move around in. He has a white wrapped bandage(tapping) on his right middle finger.
He seems well put together but actually there's a side of him that is spacey(tennen)!?

Konno Tamao
Birthday:Jan 9th
Sign:Capricorn Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 181/65kg

A year older than the heroine, in the second year. Smart and well acknowledged within the school, popular with both the male and female students. Good at looking over people and even though he is still a second year, he is the student council president! He does a lot of activities to make the school better. Kind and gentle you can feel at ease with him. He has an older sister that went to the school.
He is in fact, Tamami's younger brother from the first Girls Side.


GOSH~~~~ Can't wait for this to be out!!!!!!!!!!!

And I bought POPOLO today, LOL for the BIG PINUP because kino has 20% off so it's like YAY~ XD

Gotta faster finish my homework and study for Mock Test on Monday and Sunday we'll be having Nagai sensei's birthday celebration yay~ XD

Previously did this blog crew for the first time in my life. XD

{ Sakurai Sho } is my husband!

I am mad, I seriously doesn't want anyone to take Sho away from me now. =(

Is that a good thing? LOL~
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Happy 10th Debut Anniversary to ARASHI!!!!!!!! XDD


Please get into my dreams~!! HAHA~

So sad that even though I know Arashi LONG LONG AGO and LOVED Sho the most from Arashi, I only started to really get into them this year. BUT it's late better than none. XD YAY~

Gonna get my 3D Specs from my dearest friend soon! Then can see the 3D ARASHI!!!!! OMG~~ I wanna shake their hands!! XD

Ganbatte Arashi! Love you always! XD
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Aww I just want to post for a simple reason, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS


*so dead*

Can't wait for my KinKiYou DVD to arrive. And Yatterman DVD released! =D I hope there's a taiwan version so I can order. LOL~

And I promise to come up with a proper entry.. Soon..... LOL~
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TWO GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryosuke, Yuto and Chinen went into Horikoshi High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~

YEAH Daiki is having his 3rd Year in Horikoshi still~ =D Omedetou to the three of them!! and alongside with them, some other artistes went into the same school too.. XD

they are:


WOAH Tantei cast!! haahha~

and second news is

Next week's Ultra Power is still hosted by YamaJima!!!!!!!

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I just watched bits of 2 episodes of Showa heisei which I am going to upload later in the day since it's like 3am here LOL~


I need to admit, I am a Sadist LOL I love watching Ryosuke being tortured.. XD

and look out for Yamajima loves again! XD

wait for my upload and summary.. =P

k I'll go sleep and wake up early tomorrow to upload. HAHAHA~

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haven't been blogging because my IE at home couldn't show my LJ properly and I was kinda upset about it, but LJ works perfectly fine over here.. =.=ll

so last friday I met up with my neechan and imouto chan, had so much fun! they came to find me, and we had lunch together and took pics!! shall post them later even though my neechan posted it already. XD

we are so gonna let them sign it! i hope he don't get rashes on his lips if he does kisses my book. XD

on saturday as usual I went for my piano class and my school for preparation of our performance, and I went to KTV after that!! Finally got to sing after 6 months. LOl that's super long, considering I can go 3 times a week. XD I am listening to the recordings I did.. =) Love the songs I sang that day.. XD

and now I am playing a super sweet DS game, it's sorta an dating stimulating game: Tokimedi Memorial ~ Girls Side: First Love, it's damn nice and sweet and nose-bleeding opps I mean eye candy-ish. XD you get like 6-7 or more guys to choose from and you will try to do things at all means to date them. and they can call your name!! just type in the hiragana for your name and they'll call by your name, it's damn sweet, and when they likes you a lot, they blush a lot and stumble on their words!! it's damn cute, I got doki doki by those conversations! XD oh but the main character don't speak, XD thus you can't hear your own voice, that's kinda sad but the guys have different tone and talking style and such! totally anime-ish! XD then you can unlock a lot dating places and shops to buy things! you can work, earn money and buy nice clothes!! wear according to the season e.g. wear less in summer and more in winter or else when you go dating your guy will comment on your clothes. XD but if you wear nicely your guy will compliment you too!! XD and you have to bring the guys to places suitable to their character for the best date! =P like if he's the sporty type bring him to bowling alley, KTV, ice skating etc. XD then you have to answer the question they asked to get the best effect, and you can pat them and such and they'll blush! damn cuteeeeee!!!!!!!! then when they like you more they will ask you out, =DDDDD so sweets!! and they will get shy and ask you if you feel happy because they asked you for a date and he's really happy! =DD *dokidoki* they are so cute!! i am currently dating the sports guy, we are both in basketball club and oh yeah I forgot to mention that you can join clubs too! each club will boost you in different areas like sports, popularity, etc. but don't get too stressed or you will fall sick! ah it's really a very interesting game anyone who has DS should try that and opps btw, there's only Japanese and Chinese versions so.... XD I play the chinese version and though there were some parts where they didn't translate it shouldn't be a hinder to the game. =P I downloaded some other similar games but haven't yet got the chance to try because I'm so addicted to this one!! =D I am such a promoter for this game but seriously it's NICE! =) <3<3<3<3<3

then for this week schedule.. it's:

Mon -  Wed : Study half of my JLPT Notes and Make notes for own reference
Thur : Study the other half of my JLPT Notes and Make notes again
Fri : Study the Notes I made and Practice the books with questions
Sat : Revise everything
Sun : Take the exam, followed by Cash Studio Karaoke-ing! =D

For those people who download my ST, good news! I will be posting the links to the hardsubbed ones soon! =D Thanks to my friend who hardsubbed it using the softsubs I provided! =) Please look forward to it! =D

ii jo,

end here first, will blog again~ =D


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