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これから、私も翔ちゃんをずっと応援してる、いくらFAILしても(笑)、大好きだよ~ ♥
どうぞ、よろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

Woots! First time writing such a long paragraph in Japanese, though I know there will be a lot mistakes. XD
But yeah basically I'm talking about how I knew about Arashi so long ago but didn't get into them till last year. =(
Anyway, there's no time to be stucked in the past!! XD 
I caught up with Arashi last year through marathon-ing of their past bangumis, shows, dramas, movies, everything!
As well as repeating their songs on my mp3 daily, everything that I can do to catch up with the time I lost. =)
Well, now I'm well known as Sakurai san in my school, the receptionist as well as the teachers there. LOL~
I'll become one, one day. =D
I'll master Japanese this year and go Japan to meet my husband. XD

Oh yeah tomorrow Sho will be on News Zero, I wonder if they will mention about his birthday. XD
I hope they do. =D
And Sho will enjoy his birthday with either Arashi, his family, or his friends.
I'm sure he'll get a lot of wishing from all over!
Since he's like so friendly, I'm sure he has like 90385927389 friends. LOL~

Feel like buying a cake tomorrow and wish for Sho and eat for him. XD

Enjoy your day! Sho~

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Tokimeki Memorial ~ Girls Side 3rd Story

Sakurai Ruka
Birthday:July 1st
Sign:Cancer Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 178/64kg

A dangerous "imperfect" prince!?
Popular with the girls, but also has a rough (Yancha?)side to him which ends up causing trouble if he goes too far. He never picks the fights however... You never know what hes thinking or what he will do so you cant take your eyes off of him! He may act tough and fine but sometimes he shows a side of him that is lonely...
Living away from his family, it is unknown know why he left or where he even lives. It seems he works at the flower shop so he can tolerate hard work. His favorite food is pancakes!?

Fujiyama Arashi
Birthday:Sept 8th
Sign:Virgo Blood: AB
Height/Weight: 177/70kg

A type that you dont see now a days, a Japanese manly man. (dunno how to translate this well XD) He loves Judo and if he has time will practice all day. As such, he is very skilled. He's a sporty guy but he is rather open and you feel uplifted just by talking to him. Thought-full and straight forward but not very keen on being too serious/formal. Likes clothes that he can freely move around in. He has a white wrapped bandage(tapping) on his right middle finger.
He seems well put together but actually there's a side of him that is spacey(tennen)!?

Konno Tamao
Birthday:Jan 9th
Sign:Capricorn Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 181/65kg

A year older than the heroine, in the second year. Smart and well acknowledged within the school, popular with both the male and female students. Good at looking over people and even though he is still a second year, he is the student council president! He does a lot of activities to make the school better. Kind and gentle you can feel at ease with him. He has an older sister that went to the school.
He is in fact, Tamami's younger brother from the first Girls Side.


GOSH~~~~ Can't wait for this to be out!!!!!!!!!!!

And I bought POPOLO today, LOL for the BIG PINUP because kino has 20% off so it's like YAY~ XD

Gotta faster finish my homework and study for Mock Test on Monday and Sunday we'll be having Nagai sensei's birthday celebration yay~ XD

Previously did this blog crew for the first time in my life. XD

{ Sakurai Sho } is my husband!

I am mad, I seriously doesn't want anyone to take Sho away from me now. =(

Is that a good thing? LOL~


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