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Time flies!! It's this day again!!

Happy 17th Debut Anniversary to KinKi Kids!!

I am seriously planning to attend their concert this year so YAY!

Hopefully they will hold the year end concerts too!! =D
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Yes It's KinKi Kids 16th Anniversary!! <3<3<3

I always make sure I post an entry for them on this very day HAHA~

Hopefully this year I can attend their concert, for real. =D

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It's the day of the year again!!

Yes, Happy 15th Anniversary to KinKi Kids!!!

Aww thinking back, this year they did not do anything special to celebrate this great day.. =(

I'm still waiting for my chance to attend their concert in person!!! HAHA~
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Happy 12th Debut Anniversary!!!

I hope I can go your concerts one day!!!!! =DD

I know I've been saying this, but please do do wait for me!!!! XD

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Yes it's a year again OMG!

I shall try to make it to go for Arashi concerts next year!!

I wanna go the Osaka ones!!

Anyone wanna go and got tics please tell me! HAHA~
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It's here again!!

Woots!! Can't wait for the DVDs to arrive again too!! XDD

I hope they release a Taiwan version of their latest DVD in Blu-ray!! XDD

Happy 14th Debut Anniversary again!! XD
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 Happy 11th Debut Anniversary to Arashi!!!
It's so scary, one year has passed again. =(

I hope next year I will be in my dream place watching over Arashi~ ♥

By then, please wait for me!

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Yes it's Arashi's 11th Anniversary of their formation!! XD They were on the cruise 11 years ago. XD

I hope our K no Arashi International Project gets to them!! XDDDDDDD

Omedetou, Arashi!!!

Oh and btw, I had Sakumiya dream the previous night again. LOL~ It was about grand theft auto. LOLOL~ Apparently I was driving to Sho then to Nino etc. XD

Okies shall go bath first. XD
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OMG this is so fast!!! It's July again. T__T

I started Japanese class in July last year. =P

And now it's KinKi's 13th Debut Anniversary!! XDD


I can't wait for the DVDs!! Though I think there won't be any singles coming up this year. T__T

I would still hope for one day KinKi would produce a album solely written by them!! ♪

I look forward to your music, KinKi!!! ♫

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5 May 1991~ XD

5 May 2010

Next year will be the year they met each other for 20 years. XD

SOO COOL~~~~~~~~~~

Almost forgot about this day until this morning. XDD

Omedetou KinKi~~ XD ♥
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Happy 10th Debut Anniversary to ARASHI!!!!!!!! XDD


Please get into my dreams~!! HAHA~

So sad that even though I know Arashi LONG LONG AGO and LOVED Sho the most from Arashi, I only started to really get into them this year. BUT it's late better than none. XD YAY~

Gonna get my 3D Specs from my dearest friend soon! Then can see the 3D ARASHI!!!!! OMG~~ I wanna shake their hands!! XD

Ganbatte Arashi! Love you always! XD


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