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I translated from a post in Ryosuke Yamada Forum, so credits goes to junshizuka @ Ryosuke Yamada Forum!

In the beginning, the two of them keep repeating their names in the introduction, repeating and repeating. HAHA then both of them went LOL-ing~ LOL!

Starting of the show, two of them were supposed to say what they are interested in recently, so yuto said he bought a new bed, and that his room always had no bed and RYOSUKE KNOWS ABOUT THIS! Yuto also said he bought scent candles and it's STRAWBERRY FLAVOR that Ryosuke likes. Ryosuke replied good good good strawberry has a nice scent. Yuto continued saying recently he's into composing and listening to songs etc, up to here, Yuto suddenly said,

"What's with your expression? This is a radio show, everyone can't see your face. Please make this KAWAII FACE when you are on the TV ok? I feel like taking a picture of your expression now! VERY KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!" (fangirls: KYAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~)

Yuto asked what is the thing Ryosuke is into now, Ryosuke said Saxophone. Yuto said he had asked Ryosuke to perform on Saxophone on the concert but Ryosuke rejected. Ryosuke said he didn't practice that's why he didn't want to perform. Yuto ask is saxophone difficult and Ryosuke said previously he had been playing trumpet, so he used the skills to play trumpet to play saxophone. He also said that these two instrument had totally different style of playing. He said Trumpet is actually very difficult, because the tone is totally dependent on the time control, if you wanna play high notes, you have to "blow" the high notes out, it's the same as singing theory, so it's really difficult. On the other hand, playing saxphone is dependent on the position of your hand, if you press correctly you can play well, but the fingers' position is hard to manage too, so it's difficult too. In conclusion, Trumpet needs large lung volume, but Saxophone needs flexible fingers. So Yuto commented on why Ryosuke chose such difficult instruments.

Today's Theme is Hey! Say! Words

In the starting Ryosuke used very very cute tone and voice to say,

"Yuto, I won't lose to you! bun~~~ bun~~" (fangirls: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~)

Yuto said he won't lose too! (Wat's with the losing and such LOL)

When reading the letters Ryosuke did imitation again, this time is 平泉成 (LOL I don't know who he is.. =X) Ryosuke used his tone to say,

"The letter below will be read by a famous actor Nakajima Yuto~"

Yuto was being humble and said he's not what famous actor. In the end the letter was very long. It's about baseball narrations etc. After reading Yuto commented a few times that it's really long. (LOL) Ryosuke said it's nono asking them to read such long stuffs. LOL Yuto asked back the audience if she ever tried to do this. Ryosuke said Yuto is really very good, Yuto, being a humble man, said nono I'm not, 平泉成 san. Ryosuke, upon hearing this, tried to imitate again but failed. LOL!

After that it's Ryosuke turn to read out, the theme was zoo. Yuto asked Ryosuke to be kawaii when reading. (Yuto aren't you afraid of nose-bleeding?) But the moment Ryosuke saw the lines, he went,

"I don't want! I don't want to read!!" (fangirls: KYAAAAAAAAAAA~ *dead*)

But he read it in the end. LOL~

His line was「いやだ~ゴリラがこっちに向くまで帰らない~」(NO~!! I want the Gorilla to look in this direction if not I won't go home!)

Yuto commented he really sound like a spoilt child. LOL! Ryosuke had a great reaction and said what's the meaning of asking him to read this. LOL! Yuto said this program was set to do this, they can't understand at all.

Yuto continued to comment that Ryosuke was REALLY CUTE just now.

Ryosuke, being humble man number two, said nono he's not. And he's not sure why must it be gorilla, why can't it be some cuter animals like giraffe or penguin. LOL! Then Ryosuke said if you don't give Gorilla banana, it definitely won't look at you. LOL~~~~~~~

haha okies this is long I'm tired. XD and *dead from the Yamajima*


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