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Because [ profile] princessgss  dare not post at [ profile] hey_say , so I'm helping her to promote this thing on my LJ. LOL~

She's currently collecting messages and letters for Chinen's, Ohno's and Hikaru's birthday over here.

So just go there and send/comment your message to them! =D

Btw just read something that says end of world is 12 Dec 2012. LOL What a nice number. =D Let's all die together. =D
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OMG JIRO IS COMING NEXT FRIdAY!! with Rainie Yang and Hu Yu Wei!! To promote their lastest drama [爱就宅一起] which will be airing along with Taiwan TV Stations!! GOSH~~~~~~~~~~ *faints*

I wanna go see him, anyone knows how to win the poster?? I wanna go up and get their signature.. XD GOSH I'm so gonna go see him because he's coming to a place which is just 2 train stations from my house! *fainted*

I have a week more to nose-bleed.. XD Then this will be my second time meeting Jiro.. XD The first time I went to Fahrenheit's autograph session and GOSH THEY ARE REALLY HUGE AND HANDSOME AND NOSE-BLEEDING CAUSING!!!!!!! AWWWW GOSH I still remember I shaked their hands!! AWWWWWWW~~ HAHAHA~ I'm so dead, I wanna go, ANYONE??? XD

haha next I'm here to promote my sister, [ profile] princessgss  fanfic:

Will You Break the Ice

Love or Fame

Sunshine Girls

Please do go read and leave a comment if you can!! XD

As comments are really encouragements for an author to continue writing I believe most fanfic writers feel so too~ XD

If you like her stories you can wait for more of her FF where you can apply and be a part of the story!!



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