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haven't been blogging because my IE at home couldn't show my LJ properly and I was kinda upset about it, but LJ works perfectly fine over here.. =.=ll

so last friday I met up with my neechan and imouto chan, had so much fun! they came to find me, and we had lunch together and took pics!! shall post them later even though my neechan posted it already. XD

we are so gonna let them sign it! i hope he don't get rashes on his lips if he does kisses my book. XD

on saturday as usual I went for my piano class and my school for preparation of our performance, and I went to KTV after that!! Finally got to sing after 6 months. LOl that's super long, considering I can go 3 times a week. XD I am listening to the recordings I did.. =) Love the songs I sang that day.. XD

and now I am playing a super sweet DS game, it's sorta an dating stimulating game: Tokimedi Memorial ~ Girls Side: First Love, it's damn nice and sweet and nose-bleeding opps I mean eye candy-ish. XD you get like 6-7 or more guys to choose from and you will try to do things at all means to date them. and they can call your name!! just type in the hiragana for your name and they'll call by your name, it's damn sweet, and when they likes you a lot, they blush a lot and stumble on their words!! it's damn cute, I got doki doki by those conversations! XD oh but the main character don't speak, XD thus you can't hear your own voice, that's kinda sad but the guys have different tone and talking style and such! totally anime-ish! XD then you can unlock a lot dating places and shops to buy things! you can work, earn money and buy nice clothes!! wear according to the season e.g. wear less in summer and more in winter or else when you go dating your guy will comment on your clothes. XD but if you wear nicely your guy will compliment you too!! XD and you have to bring the guys to places suitable to their character for the best date! =P like if he's the sporty type bring him to bowling alley, KTV, ice skating etc. XD then you have to answer the question they asked to get the best effect, and you can pat them and such and they'll blush! damn cuteeeeee!!!!!!!! then when they like you more they will ask you out, =DDDDD so sweets!! and they will get shy and ask you if you feel happy because they asked you for a date and he's really happy! =DD *dokidoki* they are so cute!! i am currently dating the sports guy, we are both in basketball club and oh yeah I forgot to mention that you can join clubs too! each club will boost you in different areas like sports, popularity, etc. but don't get too stressed or you will fall sick! ah it's really a very interesting game anyone who has DS should try that and opps btw, there's only Japanese and Chinese versions so.... XD I play the chinese version and though there were some parts where they didn't translate it shouldn't be a hinder to the game. =P I downloaded some other similar games but haven't yet got the chance to try because I'm so addicted to this one!! =D I am such a promoter for this game but seriously it's NICE! =) <3<3<3<3<3

then for this week schedule.. it's:

Mon -  Wed : Study half of my JLPT Notes and Make notes for own reference
Thur : Study the other half of my JLPT Notes and Make notes again
Fri : Study the Notes I made and Practice the books with questions
Sat : Revise everything
Sun : Take the exam, followed by Cash Studio Karaoke-ing! =D

For those people who download my ST, good news! I will be posting the links to the hardsubbed ones soon! =D Thanks to my friend who hardsubbed it using the softsubs I provided! =) Please look forward to it! =D

ii jo,

end here first, will blog again~ =D


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