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Hi all, my Scrap Teacher uploads will only be updated in this post. So you might like to favourite this because I doubt I will be posting at communities for each episode upload. This is NOT SUBBED by me but by the kind chinese fans over at Ryosuke Yamada Forum with the help of English native fans. The poster attached is the subbing team's members name etc. I will pin this up so it will appear as my second post after my Semi-Friends Post so that it's easier for you to access.

Please take note before downloading:

1) You need a VLC (Videolan) Player to watch the clip. Choose the subtitles at the Player's Tab: Video>Subtitles.
Edit: [ profile] aisyateru pointed out that the video is playable on GOM Player as well. =)
Edit 2:  [ profile] sakura_yuki1017  commented that it works on KM Player as well.
Edit 3: Media Player Classic works for me!
Edit 5:
A note for Mac OS X users:
VLC will most likely not work. I used QuickTime and the mkv files work just like hardsubs. You simply might have to let it load for a moment.
Just in case, download Perian (a plugin). Then simply open the mkv file in QuickTime, it should work. Feel free to ask me questions! ~ [ profile] miyukiss  (me: Thanks!!)

Edit 6: "The easiest way i know how to extract subtitles from any format is with a program called virtualdubmod. After opening the program click "Streams" Then from there "Stream list". Then lastly you select the subtitles you want and click "Demux" and save them wherever you want. The only problem is there were a few cases where my mkv file would not work in virtualdubmod." ~ [ profile] yamachan_yuki  (me: Thanks too!!)

Edit 8: I see that there's still a lot of people who can't play Episode 3 and I thought maybe I should help you out a little. For two hours last night, I tried playing Epsiode 3 using various players (VLC player, GOM player & Media Player Classic) but failed. In the end, I downloaded KM player and tried playing Episode 3 and it works. All three subtitles works on KM player too. To change subtitles: 1. Play the file. 2. Press "Tools" -> "Playback Controls" (the triangle button) -> "ETC" -> "Languages" -> choose one ("und[chinese]"/"und[japanese]"/"und[english]") Hope I helped. :D Thanks again for sharing the files! :] ~ [ profile] lilyween (me: thanks~~~)

Edit 10: and for vlc player, i was able to watch episode 1 & 2 using the older version of vlc player...
here's the dl
just choose vlc player 0.8.6i...
for episode 3, i think there's a problem with its audio so i tried downloading KM Player and i was able to watch it with the subtitle and audio... ~ [ profile] obierquino 
(me: thanks a lot!!!)

Edit 11: Since the softsubs ASS are already being posted, I guess if you can't watch the subs with this video format, go download the raw file and watch them. =) This is the best way for everyone~

Edit 12: Can anyone help me to extract the softsubs ASS out for every episode? Thanks in advance!!

Edit 13: The Raw Files can be found here:

2) Media Player Classic can show all the 3 languages (at least for me). Any other help will be appreciated. =D

3) I can only post 5 days after the release of the subbed clip so please don't ask me when is the new episode uploaded, I will upload when I finished downloading them as soon as possible. LOL

4) If you would like to re-post, please link back here. If you would like to help me to upload to other servers, I'll gladly welcome you to do so. =)

5) All Credits to Ryosuke Yamada Forum 326 Subbing Team

6) Comments will be loved. =)

7) If you don't see the links for some parts yet, it means I am still uploading/downloading so don't ask. I will update as soon as my upload is finished. Join the parts with HJ Split~

8) LOL Please don't ask me how to register at Ryosuke Yamada Forum and such. Because you would probably be unable to register as they closed down registrations. Only members at a higher level from the forum can recommand users to register. And NOPE I am not at that level yet, *continues to post*. And lol even if I do get to that level, I won't recommand everyone who ask me to, I will only recommand those that I know will follow their rules and such. =)

P.S  I do have a life to go through, I won't be 100% free the whole day just to upload for you. Don't expect things to be always going in your way. I even have to stop any downloading to speed up the uploading now.


If you have no problems, then Let's GO!!! )
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HSJ Winter Con DVD will be released on 29th April!! HAHA~

another good news is!!

Ryosuke had won TV NAVI's Newcomer Award based on One Pound Gospel and Scrap Teacher!!

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Read before downloading:

This is the hardsubbed version of 326 Fansubbing Team subs. Hardsubbing credits goes to or[ profile] n4nine
She has been kind enough to help us make a hardsubbed version of 326's subbed Scrap Teacher using the softsubs from my entry. She says she will finish the subbing in two weeks because she will have a break then. Thus,

1) Please do not re-post anywhere.

2) Please do not upload to any online streaming sites
. (Yeah I do know the subbed ST from 326 has already been uploaded and not credited properly and I am kind of angry and pissed off with those people who upload them but well, I can't do anything already.)

Episode 2
Hardsub + Edit + Timing Edit credit to
size: MQ (264.112) HQ Coming Soon

ZS: Full Episode with Chinen's Ponytail
MU: Coming Soon
BD: full episode || part one || part two
MF: part one || part two || part three || part four ll Four Parts (join with HJSplit)

MF reupload: bowling1991@heysaydream
soft sub credit: Yamada Ryosuke 326 Fansubbing Team


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