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2024-05-01 04:07 am
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Semi - Friends


Comments to be added. ♥

I'll only add people who:

1) Do not have an empty journal.

2) Has an active journal.

3) Speak same languages as me. (English, Chinese, Japanese)

4) Share same interests as me (KinKi Kids, Arashi, Hey! Say! Jump, Johnnys Entertainment, Jpop and Cpop etc)

As of 11 July 2010, I'm currently not considering to add people unless I find that we can get along. Because people just comment here and not trying to communicate with me. However, you can still comment here, I might just add you when I'm in a good mood.

Note that I will cut friends who doesn't make an effort to talk to me after adding me. =)



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2017-05-08 10:17 pm

Happy 24th Birthday, Ryosuke!

Happy Birthday, Ryosuke!

I know you won't be reading this, but I'll just post it haha~

Hopefully I will be able to attend HSJ's concert this year!!!

And also our favourite KinKi Kids 20th Anniversary concert!!!
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2017-04-29 11:23 pm

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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2017-04-09 11:21 pm

Happy Birthday!!!

It's 10 April again, so happy birthday to Tsuyoshi!!!

This year is KinKi's 20th Anniversary, so I really really hope I will be able to attend their concerts this year.

Although the tickets getting even harder to be purchased by foreigners, and with all the strict measures of going against people who resell their tickets at high prices...

But I still hope that I can go!!! Together with Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th Anniversary concert as well.

Prays hard!!!

P.S: Been so long since I've posted a blog entry, and it's also the first post over here at DW, since most of LJ users are migrating here due to LJ's new user agreement issue.
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2016-05-09 12:09 am

Happy Birthday, Zettai Ace!!!















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2016-04-10 12:42 am

Happy 37th Birthday to Tsuyoshi!!!

OMG It's the time of the year again!!!

Happy 37th Birthday to Tsuyo!!!!!

I want to attend KinKi/Tsuyo concerts again!!!

Hope it will come true soon!!!
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2016-02-15 10:32 pm

Wrote my first fanfiction!

Can't believe I'm doing this!!! HAHA~

I guess reading Grasshopper novel gave me a lot of inspirations to write a fanfiction, and thus I'm here to present my first ever fanfiction!

Do take a read and leave some comments for me! =D

The Sun and the Moon
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2016-01-24 11:02 pm

Happy 34th Birthday to Sho!!!

Today is Sho's 34th Birthday!!! Omedetou!!!

Still waiting for the day I get to watch Arashi concert!! HAHA~

Shall have a proper blog post soon =X Chau!
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2016-01-01 12:22 am

First post of the year to dedicate to the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to Koichi!!!

Always the first to turn old! HAHA~~

37th Years Old already, hope I can always attend KinKi concerts if I have the chance to.

I tell myself I must go for their 20th Anniversary concerts!!!

If possible I can go this year too XDDD

Hopefully KinKi will have more group activities this year!!

Tanjoubi Omedetou Kochan!!!
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2015-04-10 11:46 pm

Happy 36th Birthday Tsuyoshi!!!

Before the end of 10 April, I would like to wish Tsuyoshi a very happy 36th birthday!!!

I am really glad I was able to attend KinKi's concert last year and hear your voices live!!!

This might be a short entry but I will blog about my Japan trip soon!!!

Love you forever, Tsuyoshi!
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2014-12-26 06:13 pm

First holiday after started working

Yess! I am finally finally finally going to attend KinKi Kids concert! After so long! This is my first travel holiday after I started working, and its also to celebrate my graduation next year and my birthday! Being able to attend KinKi concert on my birthday is my dream! Yeah!!!
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2014-07-21 10:02 pm

Happy 17th Debut Anniversary!!

Time flies!! It's this day again!!

Happy 17th Debut Anniversary to KinKi Kids!!

I am seriously planning to attend their concert this year so YAY!

Hopefully they will hold the year end concerts too!! =D
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2014-04-10 01:02 am

To one of my dearest~

Happy 35th Birthday Tsuyoshi!! <3<3<3
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2014-01-25 12:58 am




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2013-09-15 12:11 am



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2013-07-28 11:55 pm

"HAI~" Alamak Sho learnt singlish LOL

"Hai Hai Hai Hai~" It's my turn now to post something about yesterday's event. =D

Basically I would just say I have no fate with being first row to see my favourite artistes whenever they come and no matter how early I go. LOL As long as people got friends queuing up for them, they can enter the first row even though coming really late. LOL Blame that I've got no such connections but whatever, I don't need it. LOL

Anyway, I managed to see Sho walked past me during the red carpet for about 3 seconds? Thanks to the pathetically short-length red carpet and many heads and hands LOL. BUT, during that 3 seconds I've had 2 times eye contact with Sho. <3<3<3 I realise I didn't really smile and flail when he walked past, I was just calmly admiring him LOL. Guess I'm like this, I can flail to death of someone I like anytime but not when they appear in front of me HAHA.

So after the red carpet I walked really fast to go collect tickets for the world premiere <- Kiasu Singaporean style. Luckily there weren't long queues so we have had enough time to go into the theatre before the movie starts.

As for the movie, I shall not spoiler but it's really nice and funny and I love it! Definitely will find chance to watch it either in theatre again and if not through the DVD! HAHA~ Shall buy the DVD since it is a memorial piece of work done in my country.

So after the movie all the 3 casts with the director came on stage from the back of the theatre. Seriously I'm envious of people sitting at the first floor because they get to see them so close-up. But well, I'm lucky enough to get a first row seat on the second floor so I could see everything quite well too. A little pity is that Sho didn't looked at my side, he only looked at the top center audiences..

Anyway, please find the video of the whole interview here.

I'm really shocked that Sho went to learn singlish as well HAHA It was such a big surprise for me. XD And sadly I think he didn't have time to eat chicken rice before he went back Japan. =( Hope that he gets a chance to taste it soon just like what he told us before he left, "I hope to see you soon".

Sho, I hope to see you soon too.

Lastly, to [ profile] barbosa2007, Thanks so much for the dinner too! <3

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2013-07-20 11:24 pm

21st July!!!

Yes It's KinKi Kids 16th Anniversary!! <3<3<3

I always make sure I post an entry for them on this very day HAHA~

Hopefully this year I can attend their concert, for real. =D

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2013-07-17 11:09 pm

I'm feeling very excited now!

Ok let me start with the posting of my new cover first. It's Arashi's Boku ga Boku no Subete! <3 Thanks to this song, I was able to get enough strength and confidence to pass my driving test. I hope they perform this song in this year's AraFes!!

Next, today was Nazodi premiere in Japan and they released a couple of news, and one which is INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE WILL BE HELD IN SINGAPORE!!! AWWW~~~

I know it's impossible to enter the press conference but I hope they will hold a red carpet like when Fujiwara Tatsuya came in 2011 so that us fans could go and meet Sho!!! AHHH!!! Next Saturday! Anyone wanna join?? How about you? [ profile] barbosa2007
wanna go camp at MBS that day??
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2013-07-10 05:39 pm
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AraFes 2013!!! <3

Yeah, I'm here to post on my voting! haha~

It was so hard to choose!!! Aww~

Here we go~

AraFes 2013


1)      Endless Game - Because the performance amuses/amazes me SOOOO much! LOL
2)      Breathless - High-pitch Nino is irresistible!!
3)      Typhoon Generation - "Jya, ittekuru, ah, sayonara janai yo ne, mata, aeru kara" GOSH the mushy part!!
4)      Kaze no Mukou he - They can sing on the rotating stage just like the PV AHAHAH~ And the rap is nice!! and Nino can play his guitar!
5)      Hero - Arashi is my Hero!!!

6)      Your Eyes - I love the end of the chorus!
7)      Jidai - Because it's been very long since we saw this performance??
8)      Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru - Old school ~ HAHA
9)      Nice na Kokoroiki - Please perform in nerdy outfits again!
10)   To be free - Nice song + Nino's high pitch!! HAHA~


1)      Boku ga Boku no Subete - Am really loving this song recently, I tried searching and they only performed once in concert? like OMG this is a great song with great lyrics!
2)      Voice - Another cheerful song with nice melody!
3)      Intergalactic - I believe this will be No. 1 coupling song this year =X
4)      Alright! - Catching tune too!
5)      Maboroshi - AWWW MAXIMUM SADNESS
6)      Over - Another ballad!!
7)      Magic Hour - I wanna see new choreography from Ohno!
8)      Snowflake - Another neglected nice song!
9)      Hitori Jyanai sa - Yeah with Arashi, hitori jyanai!
10)   Full of love - Arashi is Full of love! <3<3<3


1)      Mada Ue wo - One performance is not enough!
2)      Tochuugeisha - Awww~
3)      Negai - Because they did refrain last year, haha~ and I love the bridge part "Yozora wo miageteru~ kimi mo boku mo~"
4)      Niji no kakera - "Namida fuite egao misete, Kanashi toki demo SMILE~"
5)      Sketch - Sho X Nino = <3
6)      Welcome to our party - Yeah party time!
7)      Cosmos - Love the performance!
8)      Blue - Piano + Arashi = T---T
9)      Movin’ on - High pitch Arashi haha~
10)    Up to you - Up to us to decide the songs for AraFes HAHA ok lame~


Magical song - "This is the MEH JI KA RU SO ONG~ YEAH!"
Come back to me - DJ Jun~ LOL
Doko ni demo aru uta - AHHHH "Hora, Iki wo, sutte haite, ikiteiru ippou ippou~ aruite iru tada sore dake de ii~ daijyoubu bokura wa zutto koko ni iru yo~"
Shizuka na yoru ni - My favourite Ohno song
Kono mama motto - Because Sho already did quite many times of T.A.B.O.O haha~ (Although I would LOVE to see the rest of the members dress up in policewoman uniform with mini skirts again)


松本クンの唄 - The song Nino wrote for Jun's 20th Birthday and just nice this year Jun is the last one to turn 30 as well!! AWW~
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2013-06-17 10:21 am
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Please continue to show off your tsukkomi pro-ness and stay young! XD