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Yeah, I'm here to post on my voting! haha~

It was so hard to choose!!! Aww~

Here we go~

AraFes 2013


1)      Endless Game - Because the performance amuses/amazes me SOOOO much! LOL
2)      Breathless - High-pitch Nino is irresistible!!
3)      Typhoon Generation - "Jya, ittekuru, ah, sayonara janai yo ne, mata, aeru kara" GOSH the mushy part!!
4)      Kaze no Mukou he - They can sing on the rotating stage just like the PV AHAHAH~ And the rap is nice!! and Nino can play his guitar!
5)      Hero - Arashi is my Hero!!!

6)      Your Eyes - I love the end of the chorus!
7)      Jidai - Because it's been very long since we saw this performance??
8)      Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru - Old school ~ HAHA
9)      Nice na Kokoroiki - Please perform in nerdy outfits again!
10)   To be free - Nice song + Nino's high pitch!! HAHA~


1)      Boku ga Boku no Subete - Am really loving this song recently, I tried searching and they only performed once in concert? like OMG this is a great song with great lyrics!
2)      Voice - Another cheerful song with nice melody!
3)      Intergalactic - I believe this will be No. 1 coupling song this year =X
4)      Alright! - Catching tune too!
5)      Maboroshi - AWWW MAXIMUM SADNESS
6)      Over - Another ballad!!
7)      Magic Hour - I wanna see new choreography from Ohno!
8)      Snowflake - Another neglected nice song!
9)      Hitori Jyanai sa - Yeah with Arashi, hitori jyanai!
10)   Full of love - Arashi is Full of love! <3<3<3


1)      Mada Ue wo - One performance is not enough!
2)      Tochuugeisha - Awww~
3)      Negai - Because they did refrain last year, haha~ and I love the bridge part "Yozora wo miageteru~ kimi mo boku mo~"
4)      Niji no kakera - "Namida fuite egao misete, Kanashi toki demo SMILE~"
5)      Sketch - Sho X Nino = <3
6)      Welcome to our party - Yeah party time!
7)      Cosmos - Love the performance!
8)      Blue - Piano + Arashi = T---T
9)      Movin’ on - High pitch Arashi haha~
10)    Up to you - Up to us to decide the songs for AraFes HAHA ok lame~


Magical song - "This is the MEH JI KA RU SO ONG~ YEAH!"
Come back to me - DJ Jun~ LOL
Doko ni demo aru uta - AHHHH "Hora, Iki wo, sutte haite, ikiteiru ippou ippou~ aruite iru tada sore dake de ii~ daijyoubu bokura wa zutto koko ni iru yo~"
Shizuka na yoru ni - My favourite Ohno song
Kono mama motto - Because Sho already did quite many times of T.A.B.O.O haha~ (Although I would LOVE to see the rest of the members dress up in policewoman uniform with mini skirts again)


松本クンの唄 - The song Nino wrote for Jun's 20th Birthday and just nice this year Jun is the last one to turn 30 as well!! AWW~
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